IxD Studio Project
Project Partners: Brendon Gouveia, Laura Rodriguez-Eng
Contribution: Concept generation, Interaction Flows, UI Design, Shooting and sound design for video
Duration: Two weeks

Can Artificial Intelligence be leveraged to inculcate better habits? 
Can Dissonant Interactions yield any positive effect?


A vending machine is a direct embodiment of instant gratification. It adheres to the user wishes and vends out comestibles as we like. However, here, through the vending machine we introspect this aspect of human behaviour and explore if Intelligent systems can intervene to correct it. And if they indeed did it, what be the scenario and considerations for such an interaction.

This vending machine works within a campus setting that uses student ID/meal plan for payment. All vending machines would be linked and tied to student info database to create an information network for machine logic. 



AI takes on a parental quality with questioning and coaching aspects to provide for extra care. The video shows a narrative of frustration evolving into enlightenment.  We tried to show the system and user over time to have a compelling and different narrative than focussing only on temporal dissonance at the point of interaction. Our approach considered the long-term impact.


Concept Video



Inspiration: HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey





Mark, 20

Undergrad student, Lives on campus, Normally eats a lot junk food. Quite active on social media, frequently posts about his activities.


Understanding Conversational UI principles

I tried to understand and follow some of the VUI conversational principles from Actions on Google.
According to Linguistics Philosopher Paul Grice, in order to be understood, conversation needs to be cooperative. 


Developing the script

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.37.12 AM.png

Interaction flow


Exploring visual form


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