As technology becomes more pervasive, the world of work becomes more collaborative, education is more about teaching them how to respond to a fast-paced world of relentless change.

-The Economist Intelligence Unit





From our research, we learned that workplace is changing due to rapid automation and relying more on soft skills, which are hard to automate and learn, especially for students entering the workforce.

Thus, we decided to focus on teaching communication skills to students entering the workforce.

How might we teach communication skills to students entering the workforce? 


The workplace is changing due to rapid automation and is relying more on soft skills, which are hard to automate and learn, especially for students and young professionals transitioning into the workplace.


Students and New Grads in STEM, Business, and Creative fields.



Students lack exposure and preparation for professional situations


Pervasive problem faced by a large number of people making this transition.


SEAM is an intelligent mentorship platform that connects students with mentors to bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitates learning, and encourages lasting human to human relationships.



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Role of AI

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Ideal Mentor matches through better

Seam gets to know Taylor by asking about her goals, experiences, background and communication preferences.

It suggests the ideal mentor based on the Taylor’s background and preferences. 

In an effort to make this selection process as transparent as possible, the system provides her with the rationale behind why they were matched 



The Virtual Agent

Throughout the platform, Taylor has access to a virtual agent who is present throughout her interactions with her mentor. With privacy in mind, Taylor can enable or disable the agent at any time with a tap, while and active state serves as a feedback mechanism when the agent is at work.

SEAM can be enabled or disabled at anytime, giving Taylor complete control of privacy and sharing.

  Agent Disabled State

Agent Disabled State

  Agent Enabled State

Agent Enabled State

  Agent Active State

Agent Active State


Quick chat

Taylor can use the chat section to ask Brooklyn quick questions. SEAM supports  the conversation with helpful suggestions, links and scheduling. 

Resources: Based on their conversation, SEAM provides relevant resources.
Scheduling: SEAM helps Taylor and Brooklyn plan a longer video conversation that works with both of their busy schedules.
Answers: As SEAM understands Brooklyn’s availability it can step in to provide immediate answers.
Suggestions: SEAM supports the conversation by providing actionable steps that help Taylor work towards her goals and milestones. For instance tapping in to linked services like Linkedin to provide suggestions based on the context of their conversations.

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Video Chat

Brooklyn and Taylor can have a video chat while SEAM collects resources and insights from their conversations.


SEAM nudges both Brooklyn and Taylor to reflect regularly on their progress at key moments. These can be reflection-prompts after a video chat or before an important event like an interview. It can flag misalignments in their reflections and encourage them to discuss about it.

Goals and Milestones

The milestones that Taylor has set with Brooklyn appear on the milestones page. These milestones are smaller steps towards Taylor’s long-term goal. 


Taylor gets an overview of her completed & in-progress milestones. She can check the actions pending to make progress towards her goal.



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Research Overview

Across the different research phases and activities, we engaged with about 45 people including subject matter experts, students, and managers.

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