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 Clinical Trial Patient Matching Portal



A patient information portal that enables the doctor to capture patient information at a glance and match clinical trial options quickly.


The Challenge

Genospace wants to redesign their patient portal so that a doctor can comprehend a patient’s record in minutes. Today the portal has tables of information about their disease status, medication, labs and genes. How can we make it easier for the doctor to capture the meaningful information?

Information Architecture | UX Design | Visual Design


My process

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The Current Method to Match Patients to Clinical Trials

Before Genospace, doctors had to manually go through a patient’s paper record and research trials that might match their record. For a doctor with hundreds of patients and clinical trials, it is impossible to remember exactly which medications your patients are taking.


Analysis of the Current Patient Form

Visual Structure


Visual Form

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Competitor Landscape: AI Enabled Patient-Trial Matching

Competitors like IBM Watson an Deep 6 AI analyze complex inclusion and exclusion criteria, and determine a patient’s eligibility for trials based on all the relevant information in the medical record.



How might we make the patient medical information skimmable yet meaningful for the doctor?



How might we have the Clinical trials information more close related to the medical records to give the doctor ease of access?


Early Concept Explorations

Keeping in my mind the time constraint I had, I decided to make quick paper wireframes and tested them out with people. 



Developing it further

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Our Persona


 Dr. Sheryl Brown, UPMC

Dr. Sheryl Brown is an oncologist at UPMC in Pittsburgh. Everyday, her hands full with a large number of patients. She wants to help her patients find the right clinical trials but cannot manage to go through the records and suggest trials for each one of them. This is because going through each patient’s medical record takes a long time and effort on her part.




Optimizing from the point of care to the clinical trial office


The Visual/Interaction Details


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Designing for Inclusiveness: Accessible Interface Design

A well-designed product is accessible to users of all abilities, including those with low vision and color blindness. I was inspired to explore accessibility in web design after our lecture on Inclusive Design at Microsoft for our seminar class. 

I tested my design on the following three parameters: Color, Type and Contrast



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Type and Contrast



Revised Visual Design

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